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At Green Feather, we’re laser-focused on creating access to healthcare services and products. Our technology removes friction from the healthcare buying experience; helping companies grow revenue, reduce costs and improve patients’ lives.   

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What is Feather Pay?

Feather Pay is a cloud-based technology that supports credit and debit cards, FSA, ACH, checks, split payments, mobile payments and financing at the point of sale. Patients are able to pay for out-of-pocket expenses by combining multiple payment types in a single transaction, for the first time ever. 

Implementable in eCommerce, telesales, or physical location, our intuitive UI meets users wherever they are. Customize your own patient journey with options to render online, on a mobile device, or embed into your existing patient management system

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Case Study

A prominent consumer lender in the healthcare space partnered with Feather Pay to help finance direct-to-consumer transactions for a Fortune 500 healthcare organization. In the 3-month period after Feather Pay launched, loan-related sales increased 21% and order volume increase 17% compared to the 3 months prior. 

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