Introducing game-changing payment capability

Green Feather products remove friction from the healthcare buying experience; helping companies grow revenue, reduce costs and improve patients’ lives.

More than 30 million Americans lack insurance coverage and struggle to pay for healthcare expenses. With Feather Pay, patients create their own payment mix, leveraging pay-over-time and pay-now options to customize affordability for their device or treatment.

Multiple Payment Types

Feather Pay supports credit and debit cards, FSA, ACH, split payments and realtime financing in a single user interface.

Pay Anywhere, Anytime

Patients can pay in-office or at home using a mobile device, web browser, or over the phone.

Use Financial Tools

Partner with monthly installment plans and healthcare financing partners to create absolute flexibility for your patient's custom payment plans.

With Feather Pay, Green Feather is changing the healthcare payment experience

Green Feather’s Feather Pay provides unparalleled flexibility when it comes to affording out-of-pocket medical expenses, with a simple user-friendly interface that lets patients leverage multiple payment options in a single transaction. As a result, patients have more freedom and sellers have more sales.

How Feather Pay benefits sellers

Proven 5-10% revenue lift

Our customers see an increase in conversion by allowing patients more ways to pay for medical devices or services

Simple reconciliation

Orders are linked directly to payments, removing the need for costly, onerous back office accounting processes and payment reconciliations

Frequently Asked Questions

Feather Pay includes many different ways to pay in one simple platform, including:

  • Credit/Debit cards
  • ACH and eCheck
  • Buy-now-pay-later installment plans
  • Patient financing
  • Self-funded payment plans
  • Subscriptions

Yes! Our next-generation UX works across all devices in a browser-based interface, allowing you to meet your patients wherever they transact; in-office, or as a contactless, remote solution.

No, we can get you set up on Feather Pay in a matter of days on our browser-based platform.

Yes! We integrate with major platforms. Reach out to learn more details about our integrated solution.

Feather Pay includes a powerful administrative backend that allows you to manage payments across multiple locations and channels, and includes real-time dashboard analytics to assess the financial health of your practice.

Partners and Technologies

Green Feather builds our software leveraging best-in-class technologies, combining our partner’s powerful solutions.

Lightweight cloud-based architecture with open API integrations.

Industry-leading payment options and financing partners.

Platform-agnostic deployed across a wide range of front-ends.

Feather Pay

An advanced payment technology that increases revenues and improves patient experience

Feather Rx

An efficient HIPAA compliant prescription management software solution

Feather eCommerce

A turnkey eCommerce solution tailored to medical devices manufacturers and retailers